About me...

“To clearly see our image, we only need to clean the mirror…”

Kavi Yourdon was born in Nepal and grew up in the capital city of Kathmandu. He studied philosophy and psychology at university in the city, while working part time in one of the many Hindu temples, simply to feed himself.

He moved to San Diego on the completion of his degree, to follow his dream of becoming a psychologist and it was during this time that he realised that many people fail because they do not prepare themselves properly.

He began to think about why he had been successful, growing up with nothing, and came to the conclusion it was down to the small habits he performed every day. He quickly began to understand that these mini habits added up to something big and, as most people would benefit from doing something similar, Kavi decided to write a book.
Mini Habits was the result and inside it Kavi aims to help readers to pursue their dreams through adopting small habits that make a big difference. He has followed this up with another great title, Practical Meditations for Beginners and combined these books provide a powerful platform for self-help.

In his spare time, Kavi enjoys meditation and is a practitioner of zen. Having been brought up in the world’s most mountainous countries he loves to get out into the surrounding countryside whenever he can, hiking the trails and scaling the peaks he finds. When he wants to relax he does so at the beach and still marvels at the ocean every time he sees it.
Kavi intends to keep writing more books on interesting subjects that help people to change the way they live.

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