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Do you want to change your life and enjoy it more?
Have you tried to make major changes in your life which haven’t worked?
Have you ever considered trying smaller habits that will be more valuable?

Habits are something that all of us have. We often think of them in a negative way, like gambling, smoking and eating junk food. But many habits can be very good for us and by employing several smaller ones we can gradually start to make the changes that will improve our lives beyond all expectation.

Inside this book, Mini Habits: Change your Life with Smaller and More Effective Habits that Help you Every Day, Without Making you Suffer, you will find a range of tips and great advice, with chapters that will help you


Feeling stressed?

In today’s modern world, more people are feeling anxious, depressed and distressed about life.
I felt completely the same way. My job was a nightmare and I was struggling mentally with the day to day. I felt tired, exhausted and I wanted more in life.
I heard and learned about meditation, but the concepts went over my head. The techniques were too unconventional for me and none of these books gave any practical advice.
Then I discovered the amazing world of practical meditation.
With this book, you will get actionable instructions on how to make meditation apart of your life.
You will achieve better piece of mind, better focus for your life and overall better mental health.
I wrote my book for the beginner in mind. I understand the frustrations a beginner can experience when first getting involved with meditation.


¿Quieres cambiar tu vida y disfrutarla más?
¿Has intentado hacer cambios importantes en tu vida que no han funcionado?
¿Has considerado alguna vez intentar pequeños hábitos que serán más eficaces?

Los hábitos son algo que todos tenemos, a menudo pensamos en ellos de forma negativa, como apostar, fumar y comer comida chatarra, pero muchos hábitos pueden ser muy buenos para nosotros y empleando varios más básicos podemos empezar gradualmente a hacer los cambios que mejorarán nuestras vidas más allá de toda expectativa.

En este libro, Mini Hábitos: Cambia tu vida con Hábitos Sencillos y Efectivos que te Ayuden Diariamente sin Hacerte Sufrir, encontrarás una serie de recomendaciones y excelentes consejos con capítulos que te ayudarán

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